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2024 MNCAA Annual Meeting
and CAWT Training

Thursday, Feb.15, 2024
Registration Starts at 8 am, training at 9am


      MNCAA membership is made up exclusively of manure handlers and those who support the organization through an associate membership. We hold our annual meeting in conjunction with CAWT re-certification training as a service to our membership. This year’s event will be in-person, with in-person and virtual speakers. There will be a lunch provided at our noon break as well as rolls and drinks at the breaks and vendor trade show.
     Each manure applicator company attending this event will be charged $75 for the first individual. This amount includes a Membership Fee in MNCAA.  $35 will be charged for each additional attendee to help cover direct costs, including the additional meal and facility expenses. Pre-registration is required. Please fill out the registration form and return in a timely manner.

    As a reminder, companies applying manure for hire in the state of MN are required to be licensed. There are three licenses, Company, Site Manager and Applicator. To maintain “Site Manager” license certification, “Site Managers” must attend, a minimum of every other year, CAWT re-certification training, take the online course offered by MN Extension, or re-test. In the past, “Applicator” licenses were obtained and maintained/renewed by viewing online education material yearly or “Applicators” license can now get re-certified, good for 2 years, by attending “site manager” CAWT re-certification training.  All licenses are issued by the MN Dept of Ag.
Attention Venders
     Since there will be so many applicators in the same place at the same time, MNCAA is pleased to offer this special invitation to include vendors of this industry, turning this meeting into a unique Trade Show opportunity.  The agenda for this CAWT Training Seminar, has been specifically structured to allow time before, during and after the meeting for the two groups to get together. Additionally, vendors will be allowed to be the first in line for our Noon lunch, allowing them the best opportunity to be first getting back to their Trade Show Booths.  In the past, this Trade Show has proven to be a great opportunity for our industry-leading-members and their employees to meet and learn more about products companies are currently offering. Vendor participation in this Trade Show, qualifies you as a MNCAA Associate Member.   A complete list of our Associate Members is provided on our MNCAA website.  We have 8' tables available for vendors to display advertising material.  Space is limited.  So, each vendor will only be allowed one table.  One booth space / table at this year’s seminar is $150.  $35 for each additional attendee. Fill out the registration form and return in a timely manner.
     We are offering two additional means for your company,
applicator, or industry support, to gain special recognition.

•  Become a "Gold Sponsor” for $150.
     - Gold sponsors will be given an opportunity to share a quick overview, in front of our entire group, of what your company has to offer to our industry.  

     - Your company will also be recognized on our website as a Gold sponsor.
• Become a "Platinum Sponsor" for $250.
     - Platinum sponsors will be given an opportunity to share a quick overview, in front of our entire group, of what your company has to offer to our industry.  

     - Your company will be recognized on our web-site as a Platinum sponsor.
     - Additionally, on our web-site, Platinum sponsors will be given the opportunity to have a "Link" to their company web-site.

• Vendors interested in providing door prizes should contact us for more information
     The Board of Directors encourage you to attend our meeting, participate in the Trade Show and to become a Sponsor, showing your support for our association.  If you are unable to make it to our meeting, please consider contributing a sponsorship and we will make sure to give your company all the appropriate recognition in your absence.  Please fill out the included registration form and return it with your check to the MNCAA Treasurer.
     We thank you for your dedication to our industry and look forward to working together with you.

  The MNCAA Board of Directors

Commercial Animal Waste Technician Recertification Workshop

Thursday, February 15th, 2024 • Days Inn – 1000 Hwy 7 West, Hutchinson, MN

Important:  Please bring your CAWT card to class.  MDA requires full attendance. Anyone who arrives more than 15 minutes late or leaves early will not receive recertification credit.

8:00 Registration and Trade Show
 • MDA CHECK IN. All applicators MUST scan in with MDA to receive credit.

9:00 MNCAA Welcome
• Minnesota Custom Applicators Association (MNCAA), Rick Martens

9:05 Licensing, Rules, and Regulations
• Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), Brian Clark

9:25 Safety Considerations for Manure Gas Emissions
• Minnesota Custom Applicators Association (MNCAA), Rick Martens

10:00 Break and Trade Show

10:30 Precision Agriculture and Equipment
• Raven Industries, Gary Esselink

11:10 Best Management Practices for Testing Manure
• DHIA Laboratories, Cheri Ladwig

11:30 Manure Phosphorus and Environmental Issues
• University of Minnesota Extension, Chryseis Modderman

12:00 Lunch and Trade Show

1:00 Manure Phosphorus Regulations
• Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

1:30 Class adjourns - MNCAA Annual Meeting begins
• MDA CHECK OUT. All applicators MUST scan out with MDA to receive credit.
• Turn in SURVEY